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We have a wide range of products specially designed for ladies participating in sports, exercise and physical activities.


When it comes to picking the right brand for your bicycle needs there are a number of options to choose from, Cannondale is one of the best possible options available to you. The company has grown a considerable amount since their humble beginnings in a pickle factory loft over forty years ago. Cannondale lead the way with cycling innovations, being the first to release a bicycle trailer, around the same time they experienced success with their ranges of apparel and accessories for cycling. This lead to a quickly building reputation, being well known and recognised for the innovation of their designs and the quality of their products, after just over a decade the company introduced their first bicycle to the market, a success that stood out from the crowd by completely changing idea of what bicycles should be at the time.

1983 was a time when bikes were manufactured with steel frames, but the bike Cannondale launched used an oversized handcrafted aluminium frame that was lighter and more flex resistant, completely changing the way people looked at bikes. This was followed within a year with a raving model and a mountain bike model, the success and creativity of which encouraged other bike manufacturers to join the revolution and change the way bikes were, launching a whole new popularity for the bicycle.

The range of products today offers many of the same fantastic qualities as the first bike that the company released; there are a number of options to choose from so you are sure to find something that suits your particular requirements regardless of whether you’re looking for a road bike or a mountain bike, and these are still designed and manufactured with their durability, reliability and lightweight frames in mind in order to help you manage the bike and continue to use the bike comfortably and happily for years to come.

Of course while there are a number of bikes to choose from, each of which is suitable for slightly different people and purposes in order to ensure that you can find something ideal for your particular needs and preferences, there are also accessories to work alongside the bicycles and further improve your cycling experience.

These include bottle cages, which have been specifically developed to offer an all-round dynamic and easy to work with solution that won’t impact on the balance or speed of the bike. Additionally the brand supply a selection of helmets and even a mini pump to provide you with an easy-to-carry, reliable option for quick fixes on the go.

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